GAS gallery and press is a metaphysical gallery and press allocated in Minneapolis, MN. Here at GAS we have a slogan : "NOBODY SELLS".  GAS not having a permanent physical space is a way for us to remain open to respond to what is available, rather than consign to the worry that comes with what could be permanently secured.
 If you wish to support our press of small run artist books and chapbooks, consider making a tax deductible donation to GAS today, featured below.
 If YOU have content you want to see published, consider submitting it via our website. GAS is purgatorially bent on being a diving board for experimentation, standing up against the insane divide created by the incessant idea that money equates value, or that sociability ensures success, and for mounting exhibitions and producing books to spark discussion and thought and create safe spaces for the cultural philistines of our time. GAS wants to help us all ask the question, "Am I a solipsistic poseur"?